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1993....My daughter Shifra. Stunned and apathetic about the outcome ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic LEUKemia....the disease process lasted 8 long years....The name chosen by the "big people"  wasn’t right according to her because it was everything but LEUK, which means nice/fun in Dutch.

After the first 4 years of conventional treatments only in several University Hospitals, we chose for a combination of complementary treatments and the Houtsmuller Diet.

Evidence was provided to us; with the support of natural substances and treatments outside the regular circuit. Results can indeed be reached about the disease process.

Shifra had 8 recurrences with a good quality of life in the last 4  years. Significantly better then the first 4 years of her disease. She is a Wonder child  to many professionals.


See video at www.

The Story
“Tea is more than just a drink, it is a form of life art.....”
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