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When the plantations were converted from coffee to sugar plantations, the much needed bar tracks were dug outged.  One of these bar tracks is still currently  used to take the by hand harvested moringa to the process unit.

The big water sluice is still at the site. The old coffee sheds and other buildings  have disappeared long ago. Today there is a new plantation house. Beside the still modest moringa, soursop and marva growing,  there is also a nice mix max of 6000 cows like Zebu’s, Cabbage Red cows and Frisian like cattle walking around. Mainly Indian Zebu’s because of their strength in resistance the warm and humid tropical weather. Almost all cattle have natural insect repellent visitors named the Kawfutu boi,  (cow foot boy); the bird’s name  a bird called this way in Sranan tongo.

Since the beginning of the last century there are only a few descendants of contract workers left on the plantations.


Approximately 50 families with only some of them working on the plantation.


The children of the village are attending school there as well. Tourists frequently pay a visit to the plantation.
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Present Day
“Tea is more than just a drink, it is a form of life art.....”
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