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“Rust and Werk” (Rest and Work) was originally a coffee plantation in 1750 and was founded by the  former Governor of Suriname, Wigbold Crommelin. One mother coffee tree is still a last witness of that period. He owned this plantation together with the adjacent plantations “Lust en Rust” (Lust and Rest) and “Einde Rust” (End of Rest) Together these plantations were often named “Rust en Werk.” Amongst other things, cotton, sugar cane, and cocoa were grown hereproducts. After the abolishment of slavery, contract workers came to Suriname to keep the big plantations running.

The Unified Culture Societies N.V. (VCM N.V.) was established on October 30th, 1947 by the four Jamin brothers. The plantation and a couple of others became one big firm and the production of cocoa was the main target for the Rotterdamse Confectionery Manufacturer Jamin and Sons. Family van Alen bought the 8 old plantations in 1979.


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