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About Us


“Tea is more than just a drink, it is a form of life art.....”

As a family we all went through an intensive path with Shifra after she wasthe diagnosed with of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
After her passing my wish was born to grow products, herbal products such as tea and also capsules tothat supplement the nutrients  we get from the food consumption of people and cattle alike.  In fulfilling this wish, I studied plants and got inspired by the extremely high  vitamin and mineral contents of “the wonder tree” Moringa, by  the proven healing power of Graviola, by the great health benefits of consuming delicious Soursop tea and finally by the healing properties of the very tasty Marva tea.
We all know know how difficult it is to choose "honest" products among the many products offered on the market. Therefore, I am very proud that I finally managed to fulfil my dream to offer guaranteed real "honest" products soly aimed at improving other people's wellbeing.
We have  developed our own "honest" production process to consistently offer you the highest in quality with the same distinct pure "da Ccosta art" taste. Nurtured with love and care, we  handpick the leaves and dry them in small quantities. Our tea products are pure, thus they do not go through any unnatural treatment. Because of our mentioned non commercial goals, driven by our strong wish to help others become healthier, the production and delivery of our products are limited for now.


da Costa A.R.T. (Amazon Rainforest Taste) started in 2014 at the Suriname coastline.  Suriname is part of the Amazon Rainforest of South America.
Many of today’s products find their origin in the Amazon Rainforest. Consumption of different Tribal products hit a bridge between Western and non – Western medicine. Part of the profit of our products will go to the Shifra Children & Cancer Foundation. This foundation (in formation) together with pediatricians and children with cancer in Suriname, will play a supporting role in the complementary approach.


My slogan is:  there is no dream that is too big to be accomplished.

The Story
“Tea is more than just a drink, it is a form of life art.....”

1993....My daughter Shifra. Stunned and apathetic about the outcome ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic LEUKemia....the disease process lasted 8 long years....The name chosen by the "big people"  wasn’t right according to her because it was everything but LEUK, which means nice/fun in Dutch.

After the first 4 years of conventional treatments only in several University Hospitals, we chose for a combination of complementary treatments and the Houtsmuller Diet.

Evidence was provided to us; with the support of natural substances and treatments outside the regular circuit. Results can indeed be reached about the disease process.

Shifra had 8 recurrences with a good quality of life in the last 4  years. Significantly better then the first 4 years of her disease. She is a Wonder child  to many professionals.


See video at www.

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